Whitecaps Look to go Back to Back.

Alex Freeland stands in the box at Y-D last summer.

By Maxwell Paul McLaughlin

Brewster, M.A – After coming off their first win of the season, the Whitecaps will be back in action Tuesday at Y-D, with the first pitch coming at 5 pm.

Unlike the beginning of last season, the Whitecaps have some what you would call veteran cape leaguers on the roster to start the young season. Teddy McGraw (Wake Forest), Brian Fitzpatrick (Rutgers), and Dale Stanavich all played a monumental part in last summer’s championship team,

“These guys have been here before, they know what Y-D’s field is like, and they should know how to pitch there,” Whitecaps manager Jamie Shevchik said.

Teddy McGraw will get the start Tuesday night. The last time McGraw pitched in the cape, he threw the final strike in game two of the championship series right before the Whitecaps dog-piled on the field.

“The last couple starts at Wake Forest, I felt like I was getting better and better, so I am hoping to continue that here,” McGraw said.

One thing that has stuck out for the Whitecaps so far is the hot bat of Brennan Milone (Oregon). Milone is also a veteran cape leaguer, playing in Falmouth last summer.

“He’s a really good hitter; he has a really good idea on what to do at the plate, and he is going to be a really big help to our offense,” Shevchik said.

The players to watch in Tuesday night’s game are Teddy Mcgraw and Alex Freeland (UCF). Both players are in their second summer with the Whitecaps and know what it takes to win at Y-D.

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