Traveling to Brewster, MA

All Players are responsible for their own transportation to Brewster at the beginning of the season. Please make sure to inform your host families about your travel plans.



Travel from Boston’s Logan Airport to Cape Cod (RECOMMENDED)

Unless other arrangements are made, you will be expected to take a Plymouth and Brockton (P&B) bus from Logan Airport to the Barnstable stop on Cape Cod.  Bus tickets must be purchased online in advance from their website (click here to purchase tickets) and cannot be purchased on the bus.  Tickets are $27 one way ($54 round trip).  Buses run at least every hour from 6 AM to 11:30 PM, and the trip is about 2 hours.   If you arrive after 11:30 pm, plan to spend the night in the airport, as there is no other public transportation to the Cape. For schedule information CLICK HERE

Travel from Providence Airport:

Be advised that if you choose to fly into T.F. Green Airport in Providence, RI, the options for bus service to Barnstable are much more limited.   P&B offers 2 airport runs a day to Barnstable (10 am and 5 pm only) for $34 one way.  The trip also takes about 2 hours.  Alternatively another bus company, Peter Pan provides service from the Providence Transportation Center (NOT THE AIRPORT) about every 3 hours or so from 7:30 AM to 5:45 PM for $32 one way.  However, you have to find your own way to the Providence Transportation Center which is 12 miles away from the airport.  Uber is available at the Providence airport.

At the Airport (or in Providence, RI, the Transportation Center):  Look for the bus going to “Hyannis”.   At Logan, collect your luggage and proceed to the first floor for Ground Transportation.  Look for the sign for Scheduled Buses with Hyannis listed as one of those buses and wait there.  The buses stop at all the terminals, so may not arrive exactly on time.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Arriving In Barnstable

Usually someone from your host family will pick you up at the Barnstable stop (Exit 68 off Route 6).  If that is not possible, another volunteer from the Housing Committee will meet you there.   Be sure to communicate your flight information to your host family so transportation can be arranged to meet you in Barnstable.  Barnstable is about 15 minutes from Brewster.  It’s a good idea to share your flight information with your host family, and text them when you board the bus to the Cape so they know when to expect you in Barnstable.

On Cape Transportation

We encourage as many players as possible to drive rather than fly. We rely heavily on the players who have cars to provide transportation for the players who do not. Carpooling to work, home games, practices is all arranged by players. The players using carpooling should make arrangements to reimburse the drivers for gas money. For Away Games and CCBL sponsored events, all players are required to use the bus transportation provided for them.

Reimbursement for Travel at the Conclusion of the Season

Reimbursement for Permanent Contracted Player’s travel will be calculated based on the time zone to which the player returns according to the following schedule:

  • Eastern Time Zone: $100
  • Central and Mountain Time Zones: $200
  • Pacific Time Zones: $300

Qualifications for Permanent Player Reimbursement

  • Player has completed the entire season, through the play offs or left early due to an injury incurred while playing or practicing with the club. The injury must be documented by the club’s Athletic Trainer and a physician approved by the club.
  • You return all Whitecap’s equipment, including a complete uniform issued to you by the club (jersey, white pants, belt) and must fulfill all of the other obligations, financial or otherwise, to your host family and the Brewster Baseball Club.

Temporary Contract Players

Temporary Contract players are responsible for his own travel to and from Brewster.

Any Temporary player receiving a permanent contract will be reimbursed for travel consistent with the qualifications for reimbursement for Permanent Players.

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