The Brewster Intern Story

Being an intern for the Brewster Whitecaps is a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun.

There’s always a lot to do before the game, from putting up banners, to manning the gates.

All while flying around in golf carts.

During games, there’s the 50-50 raffle where the interns go around the field with the players and sell tickets.

While nobody will ever out-sell the 2014 Whitecaps’ Cody Ponce, future interns will have to try.

Interns also work the raffle table, but there’s always time to watch the game.

After the game, banners are taken down. Trash is collected.

And once everything is all cleaned up, dinner is served.

While there’s always work to be done, there’s nothing better than spending a summer on the Cape watching baseball and working for the Brewster Whitecaps.

Written by a Brewster Whitecap Intern

The Whitecaps will be accepting applications for intern positions for the 2024 season starting in November 2023. The positions are listed below.

Whitecaps intern positions are rewarding and fun.

Each season, we have a number of intern positions available.  The positions range from game day to broadcast and media interns to general manager interns.  These are exciting and fulfilling positions within the premier colligate summer baseball league, the CCBL.  See descriptions below.  BTW: you get to spend the summer on Cape Cod. If you are interested apply for the 2024 season the time to apply is soon.

Game Day Interns

​Love baseball?  Want a career in Sports Management, Public Relations, Business, or some other appropriate field?  Why not spend the summer at the ball field on Cape Cod?

The Brewster Whitecaps are supported by approximately ten Game Day Interns every season. Our game operations include setting up the fans’ area before every game, so our thousands of fans have a memorable day at the game. We take donations at the gate, sell raffle tickets, hang sponsors’ banners, welcome local groups, help sell souvenirs, and all the sideline tasks that enable the community to put a top-flight NCAA team on the field.
We often take on additional responsibilities – An intern with some photographic experience can contribute to our on-line content.  The game day interns also interact with our younger fans by organizing some of the kid’s activities.

It’s hard work, and there’s no salary.  It is baseball, and it’s on Cape Cod.  A Cape League intern is a great line on your resume and as good a reference as you earn (which is usually very good indeed). If you can earn credit toward your degree, we can work that out, too. So if you have a place to stay in the area*, transportation, and afternoons free (we start as early as 3:00 as the Whitecaps play at 5PM, not under the lights), send us a resume, and maybe you’ll get to spend this summer with the Whitecaps.

INTERESTED?  Send an email and resume to Paige Ferraguto (

Media Interns

Game Broadcasters

We broadcast our games over the internet and local cable TV, including sideline interviews and post-game stories and interviews on the club’s web site. If you one day hope to sit behind a major league microphone, think about a summer in the Cape League to get a great line on your resume.  There are 2 broadcast intern positions. 
Both broadcast intern positions are filled for 2024.

Journalist / Social Media Reporter

The journalist / social media reporter is an on field credentialed member of the media team for all Whitecaps games (home & away) from early June to early-mid August. 

Successful candidate must provide their own housing. 


•       Write traditional game stories for all Whitecaps games 

•       Edit copy when not primary writer

•       Create content for all social media channels and the team’s website. Material might include (but not limited to) player profiles, “think” pieces on analytics and coaching, human interest stories on fans, volunteers, interns and host families, coverage of team and community events, etc. 


•       Demonstrated writing skills

•       Track record of creating content to meet deadlines

•       Ability to contribute to a team that functions across multiple media types while performing a variety of roles.


•        Experience with graphic tools such as Canva and Adobe CC

Please email Chris Kenney, your resume and work samples. 


The photographer is an on field credentialed member of the media team for all Whitecaps games (home & away) from early June to early-mid August. Successful candidate must provide their own housing


The videographer is a key media team member at all Whitecaps games (home and away) from early June to early-mid August. The videographer will create footage and packages aired on team broadcasts, social media and website. Successful candidate must provide his/her own housing.

Website Administrator Intern

Broadcasting, Podcasts, Social Media feeds, Advertising, and news articles may be the face of the Brewster Whitecaps Media, but the real heavy lifting gets done behind the scenes with our website admin team.

The Whitecaps are looking for an intern interested in building and supporting our web presence online. This internship can be seasonal or year round, depending on the candidate.

Skills we are looking for: WordPress familiarity, experience in integration, CSS and HTLM a preference. Most importantly, we are looking for somebody enthusiastic about web development.

Send resume to Chris Kenney to (

Other Intern Opportunities…

We have limited openings for interns to support Whitecaps’ merchandise sales. Among a variety of tasks, you’ll stock, create promotions (on social media & live during games)  and sell Whitecaps merchandise. As you probably know, entry level jobs with professional sports franchise often begin in group or merchandise sales. Enhance your resume, hone your skills and have some fun interacting with the team, other interns and fans. 

Send resume to Chris Kenney (

General Manager Interns:

MLB Scout Liaison Intern: 

We have an intern who is our liaison to the Major League scouts who spend the summer on the Cape, looking at players who are likely to be eligible for the following year’s draft. This intern will tweet starting pitchers every morning, then be available to scouts as soon as our players show up for (home game) batting practice, usually around 2pm. You’ll have scouts-only statistics, and be expected to interact with them on a professional level. To the extent it doesn’t conflict with your scouts’ responsibilities, you may also assist our General Manager and his staff with game-related duties. And, for the record, it generally doesn’t include keeping stats for the club.  We have other league-wide resources to do that, and the coaching staff does its own sabre metrics.  

Baseball Operations Intern:

Job Description: Work directly with the coaches tracking pitching and hitting.
Assisting the coaches with analyzing the data 
Handling bus schedule for away games
Coordinating with the General Manager Rainy Day schedules and notifications
Additional duties can be assigned working in concert with the General Manager 
The Baseball Operations Intern is required to attend all games and must have his/her own transportation.

Pre-game and Bull Pen Catcher Intern:
Position requires strong baseball catching experience.  Applicant should have extensive high school and/or the equivalent catching experience.  Applicant can be an experienced high school catcher.  The main responsibility is to be available for pre-game pitcher workout and warming up relief pitchers during the game.   This is an opportunity to work with the Whitecaps coaches and the college pitchers.  

Other GM Internships available include trainers and medical team. If interested in any of the GM intern positions, email our GM Jon Mecca, (