Host and Players Housing Guidance FAQ

Orientation and Housing Guidance

To ensure a great summer experience for both players and host families we have provided this quick summary to orient everyone and provide a background to how our organization works.

Please Note: If any player, parent/guardian, or host family has any concerns or issues arise before or during the season, please contact the General Manager and Housing Director immediately so we can resolve them. Click Here to be directed to our main contact page.

Housing Guidance


  • Host Family: Minimum requirement is to provide players with a bed and access to a full bathroom, laundry facilities, and a kitchen.
  • Players: $20 per day covers this and is billed to your Parents or Guardian.


  • Host Family: Providing food is encouraged, but not required. We ask that host families stock breakfast items and have food available for players to reheat after away games. Anything provided would be most appreciated.
  • Players: The Player has the ultimate responsibility to feed themselves. $20 a day does not cover food. However, many hosts will provide some food, but not necessarily provide your meals. PLEASE, be sure to discuss this with your host family upon arrival so there is no confusion. After every Home Game, a meal will be provided for the players in the picnic area from local restaurants and donors.

Host Rules and Expectations

  • Host Family: Upon arrival, host families should Review and Discuss any house rules or expectations. It is your home and the players are your guests.
  • Players: Please obey team rules. Curfew is midnight Sunday thru Thursday, 1:00am Friday and Saturday. Be respectful and follow the rules of your host family.

Support and Interaction

  • Host Family: Support your Player! Come to games if you can, watch them online. Meals after away games or on off days is a great time to talk with them and develop friendships.
  • Players: Interact with your hosts! They are not doing this for the money, but to support you and provide you with an incredible opportunity and have a fun experience. Consider yourself an exchange student and take this opportunity to learn more about your family and the Cape Cod area.


  • Host Family: You are not required to provide transportation for your player.
  • Players: If you do not have a car, please work out transportation arrangements with other players or ask for assistance from your General Manager, Housing Director, or Coaches. Click here for a list of contacts.

Visitors and Family

  • Host Family: You are not required to accommodate other players, player’s families, or their friends. It is your personal decision if you wish to do that. Players are not allowed to spend the night at another host family home and need to be back at their host family’s home by curfew time.
  • Players: Ask your family first before inviting anyone over. You are not allowed to spend the night at another player’s host family home. You’re expected to be home at your host family by curfew time.


  • Host Family: Be sure to get your player’s cell phone number and give them yours. Texting is the best way to contact each other, however it is important to discuss how you would like to be contacted.
  • Players: Please communicate with your host families so they know where you are.