Cool, calm and collected: The resurgence of Trevor Werner and his commitment to a summer in Brewster

Trevor Werner (Texas A&M) is back for his second summer with Brewster after playing six games last season. He leads the Whitecaps in batting average, RBI and doubles. Photo credit Sadie Parker

by Eamonn Ryan

When Trevor Werner saw a pair of teal and white Nike cleats sitting on top of the trash can in the Texas A&M dugout, the first thing he did was check the size.

“As long as they’re [size] 13, I’m taking them. They’re perfect for Brewster,” Werner said. 

The cleats were originally from when Texas A&M donned teal gear for sexual assault awareness back in 2017.

On a sunny day at Doran Park in Bourne, Werner crosses home plate sporting the old pair of cleats after mashing a grand slam to extend the Brewster lead to 9-5. He’s just getting into his second stint with the Whitecaps after playing six games for Brewster last summer.

“I wanted to come back after last season out here. I love the atmosphere, great weather and good baseball,” Werner said. “After the season just kind of had some downtime in the summer and I thought there’d be no better time to spend than playing baseball in the Cape. So I ended up back out here.”

Last July, Werner dove into home plate in a tie game, trying to break a deadlock and wound up injuring his shoulder on the play, sidelining him for the rest of the summer. Now after graduating from Texas A&M, Werner is back to show off prior to the MLB Draft this July.

“That’s why I came out here is to get those reps and get those ABs and just build on that experience and build my resume for the draft and hopefully get picked up and end up somewhere,” Werner said. 

Werner’s story about his cleats emphasizes the amount of thought he commits to his summer in Brewster, which is just over 1,900 miles away from College Station, Texas. After he was hurt last summer, Werner and Shevchik had mutual interest in a reunion this season.

Werner (left) picked up his cleats out of a trash can, but they’ve treated him well this summer. Photo credit Sadie Parker.

“He’s probably going to get drafted this year, right? Is it worth bringing him out at all?” said Whitecaps manager Jamie Shevchik. “And yeah, to win one game, that was worth it, and I’m sure he’s gonna help us here over the next week before we move on.”

Werner spent four seasons at A&M, originally featuring at both third base and on the mound, but after his second season as a two-way player, he decided to hone his skills at third.

It paid off, as his disciplined work ethic and offseason training regimen translated into pure power over his final two seasons. He blasted seven home runs in 2022 and 14 in 2023. Since coming to Brewster — as of July 2 — Werner has 11 RBI in nine games and is batting .324, both of which lead the Whitecaps.

His injuries kept him sidelined, but he’s put the work in to get back to mashing baseballs.

“My junior year started off well and then went down with a hamate injury,” Werner said. “Just getting those ABs that I missed out on and then going back to the season just to execute and have a great year and now I’m back here.”

What’s even more important than his stats, though, is Werner’s ability to stay level-headed before games and not get down when his team falls behind. Werner adds a sense of leadership and veteran presence to a clubhouse filled with younger players.

“He’s just relaxed; it’s almost like the pressure never gets too big or too small,” Shevchik said. “He flushes every bad at-bat and competes every pitch and I think he’s the ideal pro. I think he’s going to have a really good professional career.”

After mashing a grand slam against Bourne, Werner is greeted by his teammates. His bat and demeanor have bolstered the Whitecaps’ lineup and clubhouse. Photo credit Sadie Parker.

While Shevchik went back and forth for a bit on bringing Werner back for a few weeks this summer, they both knew that a reunion would be beneficial.

“When I left last summer, [Shevchik] said, ‘I want to make sure that you come back next year and that you’re playing again,’” Werner said. “So he had a spot for me before the season even started and executed on that plan.”

Now that Shevchik worked the plan out and Werner has settled in for a longer stretch of summer ball, he’s become a staple in the Whitecaps lineup. The familiar feeling of Cape Cod seems to be helping.

“Back with the same host family and obviously a new team,” Werner said. “But same great weather and great people.

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