Code of Conduct


Team curfew is 12:00am (midnight) Sunday through Thursday and 1:00am on Friday and Saturday. Violators face suspension or release from the team without expense reimbursement. The General Manager and Housing Director instructs Host Families to report curfew infractions as part of their responsibility to the club. You are here to play baseball. Please be considerate of your host family and show them some respect by staying within curfew times.


The legal drinking age is 21 in Massachusetts. Therefore the club specifically forbids the use of alcohol by any Whitecaps player under the age of 21. Any underage player apprehended for an alcohol violation will be immediately suspended from the team and their college coach notified. Besides, drinking and playing at your best do not mix.


The use or selling of illegal drugs by any player is strictly prohibited. All players must abstain from the use of any controlled substances unless medically prescribed and must report any prescribed usage to the Coach, Athletic Trainer, and the General Manager before arrival on the Cape. Massachusetts law is particularly harsh on those who sell drugs within the proximity of school grounds.

Internet and Electronic Media

All team personnel, whether uniformed or not, should be aware of the risks, dangers, and potential for exposure when participating on social media and websites such as, but not limited to, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Any activity and/or participation on these types of sites which is deemed detrimental to the Brewster Whitecaps will be grounds for swift and severe disciplinary action which may result in immediate suspension or expulsion from the league. Any disciplinary action taken by the Whitecaps will also be reported to the appropriate university officials.

Conduct Review and Enforcement

Please note that any violations of the CCBL Code of Conduct and/or the Brewster Baseball Club Policies as described throughout this website will result in discipline up to and including immediate suspension or release from the team with no travel expense reimbursement. Generally, a first minor incident of misconduct results in a warning. A subsequent incident results in a hearing before the Conduct Review Committee with a decision on release or suspension requiring a majority vote.