Brewster Ties Third Straight

Trevor Werner (Texas A&M)/Riley Raimondo

By: Finn Riley

Brewster, M.A. 一 The Whitecaps draw with the Cotuit Kettleers in a 1-1 final score, making it the third tie in a row for Brewster.

The Whitecaps offense was essentially nonexistent for the entire game, with the first and only hit for Brewster coming in the bottom of the ninth from Davis Diaz (Vanderbilt). 

“We just have to do a better job of scoring runs, we didn’t have many opportunities to do so up until that last inning […] from an offensive standpoint we just have to be better,” Coach Shevchik said.  

This game marks the least amount of hits the Whitecaps offense has recorded all season long. 

However, the Whitecaps pitching had a productive day, allowing just one run on seven hits to the Kettleers. 

Starting pitcher Liam Simon (Notre Dame) delivered a much better start for his second outing of the season, allowing just one run through five innings of work. 

Simon was followed by Heston Tole (Arkansas), Braxton Pearson (TCU), and Ryan Ure (Oklahoma State) who combined to hold the Cotuit bats silent.  

Tole, a new addition to the team, made his first appearance of the year for the Whitecaps in the sixth inning. 

“Felt good to just get back out there, it’s been a while since I’ve thrown to live batters […] it went pretty well so I was just excited to get out there and get to work,” Tole said. 

Tole was an effective reliever for the Razorbacks this past Spring, recording a 3.77 earned run average and totaling 20 strikeouts through 14⅓ innings. 

After the game, Coach Shevchik spoke about how he plans to utilize Tole in the future.

“We’re probably going to use him as a starter, especially when we start losing guys right around draft time.”

On Thursday, the Whitecaps head to Veteran’s Field to take on the Chatham Anglers for the first half of a home-and-home series, with the first pitch at 7:30 pm.

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